An extraordinary solution implemented in an ordinary meeting room

Dinesen is a large company based in Denmark and a well-known brand in the field of solid plank floors. Their products, which also include a smaller selection of furniture as a byproduct of the wooden floor manufacturing, are shipped to the entire world. They have several offices located across Denmark, and their facilities also include big showrooms and reference projects across Northern Europe. In Jels, Denmark, Dinesen has three offices. One of these includes a small-scale meeting room primarily used for video conferences and presentations. However, this meeting room simply wasn’t fit for video conferences in terms of the AV equipment. Collabo by Neets turned out to match their needs for user-friendliness.

AV equipment is of the essence

The offices at Dinesen are spread across Denmark, and therefore the need for online meetings and video conferencing is very much present. Jan Julius, IT coordinator at Dinesen in Jels, explains, “We can all acknowledge the fact that it would be a waste of time to travel three hours back and forth to have a meeting when you can just Skype. Of course, sometimes you have to, but in most cases, it is not necessary.” As a starting point, the meeting room consisted of inventory that you would expect to find in any meeting room by average standards: A table, some chairs and a display, which all in all according to Jan was fine, but it did not support the need for video conferencing and collaboration. At Dinesen, both the employees and Jan at the IT department depend a great deal on their AV equipment, because Jan is the only employee in the IT department responsible for supporting over 100 colleagues. Therefore, the setup has to be user-friendly and easy to operate.

Batteries and buttons

Collabo by Neets can be defined as an all-in-one combination consisting of video, audio and screen mirroring functionalities all connected and integrated to create the most user-friendly experience for everyone who uses it. It is designed to function as a single device, and the main purpose of this video conferencing hub is to be an all-in-one solution especially fit for meeting rooms. “We had another product installed on a trial basis, but it just had too many settings and buttons. Even I had my troubles figuring out how to operate it, which means it definitely cannot have been easy for others to use it,” Jan states, and elaborates, “Say, the device is battery powered. Even then, you start to doubt whether it is at all fully charged.” It is crucial for Jan that the AV equipment functions properly and therefore, they needed a solution that did not require too many man-hours - if any - solving all of the 100 employees’ IT issues.

You can see that it is a high-end product, but the most important thing is that it functions properly in everyday work life.

- Jan Julius, IT coordinator

No support calls, no problems

“Initially, the need for a professional video conferencing setup was that we agreed to have more Skype meetings. We then tried to just sit around a laptop, but the sound quality is poor, and the microphone is bad. You can barely hear what the person next to you is saying, and even then, you have to really lean in and concentrate on what they are saying. That was a major problem for us,” Jan states. In the end, these frustrations led to a meeting with Neets, where Jan was presented with Collabo. This all-in-one solution requires a minimum of time and effort to install and mount: “Of course you can put something together yourself, but inevitably you are going to wind up with wires everywhere. It’s too time-consuming for me, considering I have to be able to support so many people,” Jan explains.

The simple visual setup of Collabo - a soundbar and a video camera with a USB hub on the back to connect the different elements - appealed to Jan in itself, but as he explains, “You can see that it is a high-end product, but the most important thing is that it functions properly in everyday work life", says Jan. It has to be easy for Dinesen's employees to use the device, and the sound quality is important for successful meetings. Jan further states, "I have had NO support calls since Collabo by Neets was installed in our small meeting room". Overall, Collabo has been installed in two of Dinesen’s offices in Jels – both of them in smaller meeting rooms.

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Collabo by Neets

An all-in-one meeting room solution that provides video, audio and screen mirroring. Perfect for huddle rooms or online meeting rooms.

  • Quick installation with minimum cabling required
  • Plug in one USB cable to get started with the online meeting
  • Voice enhancement technology for highly accurate speech playback
  • HD camera with wide field-of-view that records quality video in any lighting conditions

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