Neets touch panels help increase Danish estate agency’s productivity

EDC, one of the biggest estate agencies in Denmark, needed a simple solution to a complicated, technical problem. They used too much time setting up their AV equipment in one of their conference rooms. A combination of the Neets 7” Touch Panel and Neets Control - TanGo created a user-friendly interface and maximum productivity for all parties involved.

Slow and outdated AV equipment

Oceans of remotes, each with their own function flooded the conference room located in one of EDC’s offices in Denmark. This conference room was and is still regularly used as a teaching room for the estate agents to-be. The teachers who use the room are often new to the equipment, and they would more often than not need help from the other employees at that branch with setting it all up. It took a lot of time to get the projector, TV, network, computers and sound to work together. “Even if you pressed all the right buttons, it was so slow to get going that you would start pressing more buttons, which then would make it go wrong and as a result, take even longer to start up”, explains Christian Højgaard, estate agent and owner of EDC. In short, time that could be spent teaching went to waste on account of the lack of connectivity and compatibility between all the wires, remotes, screens and sound.

Smooth-operating and intuitive user-platform

The issues surrounding the old AV equipment in the conference room in question led to a lot of frustration. However, there was a lack of awareness of the existence of any available solutions to these problems; which Neets so provide. “We got in touch with Neets through a networking group, but we did not know that they existed before that and we had no knowledge of their products”, says Christian Højgaard. 

Audio Visuelt Centrum A/S (AVC), the local Neets AV reseller,  was able to provide EDC with a simple solution consisting of a 7” Touch Panel connected to a TanGo panel controller to create a smoother and more intuitive user experience. All the AV equipment is now connected – starting from stationary computers, laptops and tablets to the TV and sound. Everything is controlled from the touch panel, and EDC are more than happy with the solution. 

"Now you can set everything up with the touch of a button. Very intuitive, very simple. Just what you need."

“It went surprisingly quickly. After two weeks, a technician from AVC had taken care of all the wires and power plugs. Now you can set everything up with the touch of a button. Very intuitive, very simple. Just what you need”, says Christian Højgaard. He further states, “We actually thought that AV equipment solutions like that were too expensive and reserved for big hotels or schools only.”

Everything can be invented these days

Since the installation of the Touch Panel and the TanGo panel controller, there has been no time waste and no problems with setting up the AV equipment. The Touch Panel is designed in a way that is easy for everyone to easily figure out how to use. The teachers who borrow the conference room can now begin their class immediately. They experience no need for help with navigating through oceans of remotes and wires that do not connect to their computers. Christian Højgaard explains, “They have given us a state-of-the-art conference room, where we can save time and avoid being interrupted in our everyday work life. There is not a single person who cannot figure out how to use it.” He elaborates, “Of course these days everything can be invented, but we never thought it possible that something so easy to use could actually be available on the market.”

Touch Panel interface

Click the picture on the right to experience the Neets touch panel interface designed for EDC Horsens first hand!

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