Co-creation with customer results in exciting new possibilities with Neets

WUAV, founded in 2002, is a System Integrator based in Esbjerg, Denmark and delivers professional AV solutions all over the country. They have a broad customer base, having delivered solutions for hotels, houses of worship, public institutions, enterprises and educational premises.


WUAV, founded in 2002, is a System Integrator based in Esbjerg, Denmark and delivers professional AV solutions all over the country. They have a broad customer base, having delivered solutions for hotels, houses of worship, public institutions, enterprises and educational premises.  Torben Juhl, Technical Manager at WUAV, has been in the AV industry for more than two decades and has been working with Neets’ products since shortly after Neets was founded in 1999. As a local System Integrator and AV reseller, the team at WUAV have a great relationship with Neets. 

“Communication with the guys at Neets is really great. They’re very open to having discussions and very responsive to new ideas for features and functions. They also react very quickly if a problem arises – I can always rely on them
to come up with a solution.” says Torben Juhl.


A client approached WUAV shortly before summer 2019 with a very specific request. This large, international company had recently gone through a merger and now required a new boardroom. The space would be used by the management team to report KPI statuses with their counterparts in other offices around the globe via video conferencing. The company already had a Cisco Webex video conferencing solution with a Cisco Touch 10 panel and wanted to make expand its functionality to also control in-room peripheral equipment from the same Touch 10 interface. The client was very specific about not wanting additional touch control interfaces in their new solution.

Developing a new integration together

The integrators and technicians at WUAV are experienced – and feel very comfortable – working with Neets Control Systems. At the time, an integration between Cisco Touch 10 and Neets control systems did not exist. Nevertheless, due to his good relationship with Neets, Torben Juhl got in touch with Steen V. Larsen, Head of Product Support at Neets, and spoke to him about this client’s project.

“Steen was, as always, very responsive and open to the idea. Neets could see the business potential in creating this new integration and were very enthusiastic”, says Torben Juhl, and continues “When first approached by the client, we were very open about the fact that the Neets control system integration with Cisco Touch 10 didn’t exist at the time. Of course, I only offered this solution with a Neets control system because I have an enormous amount of trust in Neets and them keeping their word about developing the integration in time”, says Torben Juhl.

Neets quickly received a demo of the Cisco Touch 10 and had a rough version of the integration ready for testing within a couple of months. The installation by WUAV would be a proof of concept test for the new feature in Neets Project Designer. Torben and Steen worked through some iterations, improving the script and adding new functions. In October, WUAV designed an interface and installed the solution with the “prototype” Cisco – Neets integration.

In the process, Steen was also in touch with another local System Integrator to get feedback on the concept. Both Sales and Technical managers at Best AV were keen on the idea, and they got the script code files to use in a second Proof of Concept installation using a Neets Control - TanGo.

Both installations were a success, and Neets continued to develop and refine the integration until it was launched as part of Neets Project Designer v.1.25 on the 31st of January 2020.

"I have an enormous amount of trust in Neets keeping their word and developing the integration in time"

- Torben Juhl, Technical Manager at WUAV

The final installation

The AV solution designed by WUAV consists of several 98” and 86” displays, 6 Sony Full-HD PTZ camera, and loudspeakers and microphones controlled by a Bose DSP system. All the devices are connected and controlled by a Neets Control – AlFa II, with the Cisco Touch 10 panel used as a control interface.

There are 12 configured scenarios on the Cisco Touch 10. Each scenario enables different displays, speakers and microphones to be turned on/off and adjusts camera angles to get the full view of the specific KPIs on display. This ensures that the video conferencing attendees can clearly see, hear and interact with the speakers in the room. The speakers in the room can move to different sections of the room and adjust the equipment accordingly using the scenario presets available on the touch interface.


Neets values a close relationship with local System Integrators in Denmark and its international distribution network. As Steen explains, “Talking regularly with our distributors and resellers is the best way of making sure that our product roadmap is aligned with the needs and trends in the market. The new integration with Cisco Touch 10 was a hit with visitors at our booth at ISE2020, confirming that working with our partners can really pay off and create value for our customer base”.

About Biamp

Biamp is a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems that power the world’s most sophisticated audiovisual installations. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

For more information on Biamp, please visit or read the official press release on Neets joining the Biamp family here.

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