Historic hotel in city centre meets modern technology 

A historic hotel undergoes a renovation and technology upgrade, resulting in an aesthetic and user-friendly AV installation that blends in with the classic interiors.

Jørgensen's Hotel in the center of the Danish city of Horsens is a hotel with a lot of character and a history that goes back to the year 1843. It is a hotel where the ceilings are decorated with stucco and where its restaurant, Eydes, is located in a vaulted cellar that is even older than the hotel building itself - the former Lichtenberg's Palace. A recent, large-scale renovation of the hotel was an opportunity to upgrade the AV setup to add an extra dimension to the hotel and make it better equipped for hosting both conferences and family parties - without compromising neither user-friendliness nor the interior of the hotel.

Committed to preserving history

Jørgensen's Hotel consists of 59 rooms, a reception, lounge, bar, wine bar, meeting room/library, Restaurant Eydes located in the cellar, walking street, courtyard, a foyer, and three banquet rooms. The largest banquet room can host up to 300 people and is used for conferences, meetings, and parties. Its centuries-long history, the numerous facilities, and the sheer size of the hotel combined mean that certain requirements must be met in terms of interior decoration and arrangement, staff, and the technology. Mikkel Dam, Key Account Manager at AV Center, a Neets reseller, explains, "Initially, the job was to renovate Jørgensen's Hotel. We were invited to discuss various solutions and how to control the necessary functions. The equipment at Jørgensen's Hotel has to be operated by all types of users, including those who don't necessarily have the relevant AV competences. Hence, Neets came into play, given the need for user-friendliness."

Christian Deijenberg, the hotel manager, elaborates, "Neets were involved in getting the AV equipment integrated with the room in a visually appealing way." The hotel, AV Center, and Neets created a solution that met the needs of an aesthetical, invisible installation and user-friendliness.

The final solution consists of two parts: The first is made up of two Neets 7" Touch panels and a Neets Control - TanGo, while the second involves three Neets 7" Touch panels and a Neets Switching Relay - 4. Also, Neets' new input panels were installed in the big hall to connect microphones and provide the necessary coverage. Furthermore, all the rooms have HDMI connections, and users can also connect wirelessly using a Barco ClickShare.

Three products for two separate solutions

Neets' 7" Touch panels and Neets Control - TanGo is a bundled solution especially suited for mid-sized meeting rooms. The controller is the brain behind the touch interface, and they provide the user with an intuitive and easy operating system to control the connected and relevant AV equipment.

This solution is used for controlling the background music in the reception, lounge, library, courtyard, walking street, and the restaurant. All the music can be controlled from the reception. In the restaurant, the staff can control the music in Eydes and the walking street.

The touch panels in the bar and reception respectively have individually functioning interfaces on the same controller. This provides relevant functions to the people that use them - no more and no less. The restaurant staff does not need to control the music in the library, whereas it is relevant for the receptionists to have complete control over all areas.

The control system is placed in a rack in the basement near the kitchen with the relevant amplifiers and mixers. The second solution consists of another Neets Control -TanGo that is connected to three 7" Touch panels, which are placed in each of the three banquet rooms. Right above the ceiling, a Neets Switching Relay - 4 is mounted. It is used for controlling a number of lifts and canvas screens, and this is where aesthetics and interior design come into play.

"The result was a discreet solution that lives up to the hotel's expectations: User-friendly and simple communication. The guests have responded well to the new installations, and it is our experience that we are saving time because of the upgraded AV equipment."

-Christian Deijenberg, Hotel Manager

Made by locals

This installation in Jørgensen's Hotel is a story about the Horsens-based manufacturer that collaborates with a local company to strengthen the excellent experience of using Jørgensen's Hotel's facilities in Horsens. Neets is Scandinavia's leading AV control systems manufacturer. Their fundamental goal is to bring user-friendliness, flexibility and time-saving together in a series of products and AV solutions; making lives easy for installers and users - at home as well as abroad in schools, meeting rooms, or in this case, hotels. Key Account Manager at AV Center Mikkel Dam also has a personal relationship with Neets, Horsens, and Jørgensen's Hotel.

"It's just a great story because this is a renovation of an old hotel, that has been here for many, many years," Mikkel says and continues, "I live in Horsens, so it has been great to have been a part of something that contributes to the local environment. I held my wedding here 12 years ago in September 2007, so it was extra special for me to participate in the renovation of the place.

"We had a good dialogue with Christian, the hotel manager, and Dennis from Neets. At AV Center, we often use Neets' products - control devices, relays, touch panels, and more. We have a very close collaborative relationship with them, and they are one of our top suppliers. All in all, this is a story about excellent teamwork, where everything works."

Christian has also been pleased with the collaboration with the local company. "The collaboration has been successful. They are competent people."

The story in a nutshell

Jørgensen's Hotel is an old hotel full of soul and personality, decorated with stucco renovated by craftsmen from the Vatican State. Therefore, a renovation requires respect to the framework, especially when installing technology that is neither a natural nor an integrated part of the charm of Lichtenberg's Palace. The installation of Touch panels, Neets Control - TanGo control system, and Switching Relay - 4 allowed the AV equipment to act as fillers for all the holes in the existing AV setup. The simple design - exterior and interior - made the products blend into the white color on the walls, and it avoids scarring the interior design and unique feeling of the hotel.

About Biamp

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For more information on Biamp, please visit www.biamp.com or read the official press release on Neets joining the Biamp family here.

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