Neets provides modern and user-friendly AV-solution for divisible conference room at Dutch sustainable solution provider

Backstage AV B.V has provided the Dutch sustainable solution provider, Breman Utiliteit Zwolle with a Neets solution. Here, Neets - TanGo, and Neets 7" Touch Panels are a part of the installation.

A business merger and a move to a new location is a big deal. Breman Utiliteit Zwolle, a Dutch sustainable solution provider, decided to move their business into a new premise in 2019. At the new location, a renovation project aimed to create a divisible and modern conference room to create seamless and user-friendly AV-experiences. The supplier, Backstage AV, provided Breman Utiliteit Zwolle with a Neets solution.

Breman Utiliteit Zwolle recently moved its two business units to an entirely new location. The goal is to utilize shared resources, strengthen and streamline internal communications throughout the organization. A move into one centralized building with more employees requires more office space to ensure effective collaboration. At the new location, Breman Utiliteit Zwolle renovated the building to suit their future needs and the renovation project included a central canteen and multiple meeting spaces where employees could discuss on-going projects and provide information for bigger groups of colleagues. Furthermore, at the center of the building, a conference room, which could be separated into two smaller meeting spaces was built.  

With multiple meeting spaces, each room needed uniformity, and had to be easily controllable by its day-to-day users - no matter the usage scenario. Another key element in the AV-installation was to ensure that users wouldn’t experience any issues when switching between the meeting spaces, especially when bigger groups attend meetings, combining the two rooms, including its AV/IT infrastructure, needed the flexibility to ensure it could be done effortlessly.

A new, modern pro-av solution that supports effective ways of working

A new, modern pro-av solution that supports effective ways of working

In this installation, both new meeting spaces are provided with two interactive flat panels, Neets Control – TanGo, and two 7” Neets Touch Panels with a custom branded control scheme, modernizing the entire experience from start to finish. Bram van Alphen, Commercial Technician at Backstage AV B.V, explains how especially one thing is essential when implementing solutions such as the one at Breman Utiliteit Zwolle’s new location: 

“When we provide customers with an AV-solution, the main thing we must take into account is the ease of use for the day-to-day users, especially when it comes to controlling the hardware,” he says and continues: 
“In this installation, both of the touch panels in each meeting space are connected to the same Neets controller. Due to the number of control outputs, we decided to use the Neets Control – TanGo in the installation, as it is a powerful control system for rooms that are a bit more complex.” 
With the control system, Backstage AV had more than enough room to control all the different hardware in the meeting spaces. And because of the single centralized control unit, the ability to control all the hardware in both spaces was an easy task. Now, users can combine or divide both meeting spaces depending on the needs. Furthermore, with Neets Control - TanGo, the capability to make future upgrades is easily accessible and can be added as they see fit.  

Users have the option of duplicating the interactive flat panels from left to right, or from right to left. This option also includes video, audio, and touch control. Another key element in the solution is how it eliminates the need for remote controls. Prior, Breman Utiliteit Zwolle used an HDMI-cable and a TV with a remote. By adding Neets 7” Touch Panels to the installation, more user-friendliness was added, as the touch panel is configured to control all of the AV-equipment in the room at one fixed location.  
Having a modern pro-av solution and an intuitive, user-friendly control system is something that Breman Utiliteit Zwolle are happy with, Bram van Alphen explains:   
“They are happy with the way the control system works, as it perfectly fits the vision they have of an efficient and modern workspace, “ he says and elaborates further: 
“If I were in the shoes of the user, the only thing I want is to be able to present and have meetings. I want an intuitive and easily decodable interface. That’s why the installation must be goal-driven and not technical. This solution does just that,” he explains.

A simplified solution that just works

A simplified solution that just works

With all the devices being controlled through the touch panel, the day-to-day users of the meeting spaces do not have to waste time setting up their equipment in preparation for meetings - nor do they have to spend time trying to find the missing remotes anymore. Now, they simply plug in their device and start their meetings and presentations immediately. Most importantly, with this type of installation and touch panels, it is instantly recognizable, leading to a much more user-friendly experience. 

Simplicity and intuitive configuration are the key reasons why Backstage AV suggested a Neets solution, Bram van Alphen points out: 
“We generally recommend a Neets solution to our customers because it is easily explainable and intuitive. And we can provide service to the installation despite not knowing how to code. In this project, Neets provided us with a flexible and easy solution - not only for our customer but for our integrators as well, as there is a high level of accessibility and compatibility in the software. The simple installation and configuration are what truly makes it shine,” he explains.  

The heart of the pro-av installation, Neets Project Designer, allows integrators and technicians to easily control, adjust, and add devices to the solution. Neets Project Designer is a drag and drop based software, that ensures dragging the devices you want to add and configure is done in a simple matter.  

The pro-av solution at Breman Utiliteit Zwolle has been running for over a year without any technical issues. In the meantime, Backstage AV has been adjusting the control system in multiple ways by:

  • Adding a VC-system.
  • Customized the graphical interface.
  • Adding a new customized control scheme.
  • Changed how audio volume is controlled on both of the touch panels.

The intuitiveness on the touch panel, the flexibility in the interface, and the ability to control the rooms individually or simultaneously are essential to create experiences that cater to effective collaboration across the entire organization. Now everyone at Breman Utiliteit Zwolle can deliver unique presentations seamlessly.

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