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The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the world's largest humanitarian organization. In the United Arab Emirates, the organization is called Red Crescent and at their department in Abu Dhabi, it was decided that a new head office would make it possible for them to meet the growing demand for their efforts. The new head office was built with the idea of improving conditions for internal communication among employees and volunteers in mind so that they can make the most use of their working capacity. The solution for this became five bundle solutions, each one consisting of Neets Control – TanGo and 7” Touch panels, which in turn ensures that Red Crescent benefits the most from their resources.

IT and humanitarian work

Red Crescent in The United Arab Emirates works - just like the other sister organizations at Red Cross – as a relief agency based on voluntary work. They experienced a high demand for their humanitarian work than their facilities allowed them to meet. An expansion of their programs and activities, therefore, resulted in a new head office in Abu Dhabi, where meeting rooms and a lecture room was to be equipped with an advanced AV system, that could make day-to-day interactions and communication, for instance, video conferences, simpler to engage in. 

Emission Trading, an IT company located in Abu Dhabi, was in charge of the system integration of the new AV equipment at Red Crescent’s head office. Yazan Zahalqah, project manager at Emission Trading, was responsible for the co-operation with Red Crescent, and he explains: “We presented Red Crescent with a system solution consisting of two Neets products, that they liked. ASL Middle East delivered the products and the teamwork with all parties went really well. They were highly qualified, and especially ASL was valuable during the testing and commissioning stage.” The two Neets products that Yazan presented Red Crescent with, were Neets Control – TanGo and a 7” Touch Panel, that work together as a bundled solution."

The installation

The installation

The increased demand for Red Crescent’s work also means higher demands for the organization’s own facilities, AV equipment included. All in all, five Neets 7” Touch Panels, five Neets TanGo controllers, and one Neets Amplifier 120 have been installed. Thanks to Bolzano, it is possible for the TanGo controller to be adapted to every kind of room. In this case, the solutions had been placed across an auditorium, two meeting rooms, and two rooms dedicated to training.

The head office auditorium has room for about 100 people, and here, users can control the big projector, speakers, microphones, and cameras from two Neets 7” Touch Panels, that have been placed in opposite ends of the room. Because of the room's size, it made sense to install two touch panels that are synchronized both visually and in terms of control. In the rack, a Neets Control - TanGo has been installed to control all the components in the room.

In another room, which is best described as a boardroom, another TanGo is mounted, which provides control of several microphones, which are being used for amplification and subsequent transcription, plus control of a Neets Amplifier 120, which acts as an amplifier for the speakers. The remaining three TanGo controllers and the three touch panels have been distributed across three meeting rooms. All the rooms have been equipped with a bundled solution, and in the auditorium, the presenter also can control his/her presentation by connecting to an iPad.

It is very user-friendly, and we have not received a single complaint from Red Crescent’s head office about the product so far. It is my experience that it saves them both time and money to have these Neets products installed.

- Yazan Zahalqah, Project Manager at Emission Trading

Saving internal resources

Saving internal resources

Red Crescent’s internal work depends greatly on an efficient office environment with technology that promotes good communication and collaboration conditions. Therefore, Red Crescent wanted a user-friendly solution: “It works great with the products that have been installed to our client’s satisfaction. It is very user-friendly, and we have not received a single complaint from Red Crescent’s head office about the product so far,” Yazan explains and elaborates: “It is my experience that it saves them both time and money to have these Neets products installed.” 

Optimally functioning AV equipment is essential to a relief organization that depends on voluntary work because it requires neither time nor money. Therefore, it doesn’t take any valuable resources from the organization. Instead of complications, the AV equipment gives Red Crescent a better foundation for keeping up with the demand for their humanitarian work.

The best conditions

The best conditions

Emirates Red Crescent was formed on the 31st of January 1983, and in 1986 it was attested a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. They support official authorities when they set out to help those in need in times of war and peace. With the head office and the user-friendly AV equipment, they have the best basis for being able to include all social classes and all aspects of what it means to ensure the right assistance to people in need. When internal communication has the best prerequisites for working smoothly and efficiently, Red Crescent can use their resources where they are most needed.

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