Transforming work and productivity at Dinesen

Collabo 2.0 by Neets helps Dinesen increase productivity and online meeting experiences

The effectiveness of any online meeting is only as good as its weakest link. High-quality audio and video facilitate communication in online meetings and thereby strengthening remote collaboration. Video conferencing is an inexpensive and effective communication tool. At Dinesen, video conferencing is now an integrated part of their day-to-day work.

Worldwide collaboration requires pro-AV video conferencing solutions

For more than 120 years, Dinesen has developed floor solutions that go far beyond traditional flooring. With unique tree sorts, Dinesen creates intimate rooms, both big and public, and cultural framework across the world. Dinesen already had Neets’ pro-AV-solution, Collabo by Neets, installed in two smaller meeting spaces at one of the headquarters in Jels. With locations spread across Denmark and worldwide collaboration, pro-AV video conferencing solutions are a necessity to ensure high-quality online meetings.

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During the past year, a global health crisis has made video conferencing skyrocket among companies worldwide. Here, AV solutions that are intuitive and center around the users are crucial. 
Prior to COVID-19, Dinesen decided to implement Collabo by Neets in two of their meeting spaces. The aim was to get a better video conferencing experience. Christian Haulund Nielsen, Industrial Designer at Dinesen, says that the benefits and the good experiences they gained from the first installation are a key reason behind deciding to expand and upgrade several of their meeting spaces:

“Collabo by Neets has solved a wide range of issues at Dinesen. This video conferencing solution has created a foundation for professional meetings internally and externally,” he says and continues: 
“Aesthetically, it looks great. But the most important thing in this setup is the user-friendliness it brings. It is crucial that it is easy to use,” Christian Haulund Nielsen explains.

Online meetings start in seconds

With Collabo 2.0 by Neets, users can begin their online meeting in a matter of seconds. This allows them to enjoy the flexibility in starting online meetings while having easy access to their preferred UC platform directly from their laptop. To Christian Haulund Nielsen, the experience of plugging the cable into his laptop and seeing how it automatically turns on is what makes the difference:  

“Neets helped us with a solution where it was possible to achieve plug-and-play functionalities through Solvo by Neets. We simply plug the cable directly into the computer and the camera, sound, and display start automatically. It does not get more intuitive than that,” he says.

Aesthetically, it looks great. But the most important thing in this setup is the user-friendliness it brings. It is crucial that it is easy to use

Matching user-friendliness with quality

With online meetings becoming a necessity, Dinesen quickly realized that most of their communication got lost due to inadequate equipment. Prior, online meetings would take place through the speakers and microphone from their laptops. Low quality in both sound and image impacted the understanding of what was being said during the meetings. It just didn’t feel right and was far from optimal, Christian Haulund Nielsen says:

“We realized that our previous setup wasn’t sufficient for the need we have to communicate - especially during COVID-19. After we got Collabo by Neets in two of our meeting spaces, we have accelerated our business communication virtually. Now, we’re looking forward to expanding our setup. The reason is straightforward – it is an easy installation, but more importantly, it is easy for us to use on a day-to-day basis,” Christian Haulund says.

The employees at Dinesen are dependent on their AV equipment now, which is an excellent way to measure the installations’ success:

“The vast majority of Dinesens’ employees use the solution daily. Especially sales and marketing. Now, when we have online meetings, we have an easy video conferencing system we can go to,” Christian Haulund says.

Now, we’re looking forward to expanding our setup. The reason is straightforward – it is an easy installation, but more importantly, it is easy for us to use on a day-to-day basis

The transformation of work and productivity

AV technology allows users to be in many places during a single workday. Remote collaboration is practical, and users can virtually collaborate across countries by the hour. To many, it feels like several years of digital transformation suddenly accelerated in a year due to an extraordinary worldwide situation. According to Christian Haulund Nielsen, companies shouldn’t fear implementing video conferencing solutions:

“Our perception of online meetings has fundamentally changed with Collabo. The solution managed to eliminate an underlying fear we had in terms of online meetings. Now, it has become a lot easier to head into, and I personally think it is due to how easy this solution is to understand,” he says and argues how it has provided Dinesen with increased productivity: 
“We have managed to eliminate a lot of time spent traveling and the costs associated with that. It has provided us with higher levels of productivity – especially during the limitations of the pandemic.

With this installation, we have realized how useful it is to have virtual meetings on Skype, Zoom, or Teams. And we don’t have to worry about poor audio quality and technical issues anymore,” Christian Haulund Nielsen explains.

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Voice enhancement technology for highly accurate speech playback
HD camera with wide field-of-view that records quality video in any lighting conditions.

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