Modern AV equipment in the company: Cost or saving?

23 Apr 2019 by Claire Schembri

7 minute read

Modern AV equipment in the company...Is it worth it?

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Time is money. That is why companies want to save time. But how do you save time and money in your business? Some choose to reduce staff or benefits. Others try to optimize the workplace with digital solutions. In the latter case, it is usually AV equipment that can provide the necessary assistance. Today, a myriad of smart and practical solutions is available for almost any situation. But is modern AV equipment really a saving for your company? Or is it perhaps the opposite—a cost? It may be difficult to decide, so we've written this article to help you determine the answer.


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AV equipment for companies—is it necessary?


Modern AV equipment. Is it necessary? And what exactly is it? Even if you've never heard of AV equipment before, you've most likely seen it. AV stands for audiovisual, which refers to digital audio and visual assistive devices. Whether it's a Smart Board in the meeting room or a projector in the conference room, AV-equipment covers a wide array of devices, and it is, therefore, no surprise that there are many different types of equipment available. Many companies, conference venues and fairs use AV equipment to help make tasks more efficient. Modern equipment can be a more expensive investment, and you, therefore, need to assess whether this is a cost-effective addition to the company or just an expense.

There are several things you'll need to consider. First of all, whether AV equipment is a cost or a saving may vary from one company to another. In some cases, it is a helpful tool, and in others, it is an unnecessary, luxury expense. You also need to take a close look at your own business or at situations in which AV equipment would be useful. Indeed, there are many places or situations in which AV equipment can be of great help, but you'll need to choose the right solution for you. And there are a lot of them to choose from. You can get AV equipment for almost any situation.

The wide range of AV solutions


In order to decide whether AV equipment is a saving or a cost, it might be wise to know what kind of AV solutions are at your disposal. There are a lot of options for AV equipment and similar solutions. Some of these are better suited to some companies than others, and they can help make work more efficient or make your daily life easier.

The use of AV equipment is most often seen with the suppliers of—and companies with—conference rooms. Projectors, loudspeakers, screen displays, motorized projector screens, microphone systems and much more. These are just some of the things that help make the perfect meeting. Sophisticated technology helps create a professional meeting for participants, and therefore AV-equipment is often used for this purpose. There are several advantages to this. With good technology, you'll have the opportunity to show meeting participants razor-sharp images on a large screen. With the help of sound systems, you can easily speak so that everyone can hear you, and you'll be able to provide a lot of information on digital information screens on site. You can also set up interactive screens so that attendees can actively participate themselves. The best meetings are those that attendees will remember, and AV equipment can help ensure this.



If, on the other hand, you have a more general company and do not need giant screens with 4K laser projectors, you may need other types of equipment. Very few companies do not hold meetings. And as most people probably know, and have personally experienced, meetings can be long, boring and hard to remember. Even worse is when you are the one presenting at a meeting. Because, what do you do when management has to be guided through last quarter's numbers? How do you introduce new regulations and guidelines to a future team of colleagues? AV equipment is extremely beneficial here. There are also a lot of good options for AV solutions for meeting rooms. Whether you need projectors, screens or good sound in the room, this can easily be arranged. A good projector or screen can be particularly beneficial in smaller rooms so that all information is clearly visible. In addition, sound must project clearly, both for the presenter and for videos. Sound that is not crystal clear is ineffective, and you will most likely experience problems in older equipment. You can even get smart control panels installed, with which you can control monitors, projectors and sound all at once, for example, with Neet's control panels.

Of course, you can use AV equipment to advertise products and your business. Digital signs are an option, which are especially good at catching people's attention. For example, if you need to have a digital information screen for the lobby, office or for a physical store, then you can also get smart solutions with the possibility of 24/7 application. Smart screens have even been developed with Haze coating. This is a smart type of coating that is particularly suitable for screens that display information at all times of the day. The Haze coating ensures that natural light and other light sources are not reflected on the screen, so the information on it is always readable.

AV equipment in the company


Communication requirements are significant


If you are still not sure if AV equipment is a waste of money or a sensible investment, then you may also want to think about the requirements of your business. Today, we use technology and digital solutions for almost everything. Businesses are no exception and there are several good reasons for this. Today, there are greater requirements for communication with companies. It is important to have effective and clear communication, both externally and internally. In the past, you had to write an e-mail and wait for an answer. Otherwise, you had to settle for face-to-face communication, which could take an incredibly long time if this required the use of transportation in order to physically meet. Digital solutions have made communication considerably faster, which gives you the opportunity to be more effective in your own communication and interaction. Therefore, as a company, you should be on board if you want to be at the top. This is particularly evident in the enormous globalization that we have seen in business over the past decades. It may also be necessary for you and your employees to be able to communicate across borders or over great distances. This will take considerably longer, and will be a great deal more difficult if you do not have the option to use some form of communication tool. Once again, the importance of sharp images and crystal-clear sound is significant. If you can both see and hear who you are speaking with, then there is a greater chance for the message to be understood by both parties. On the other hand, if you experience a strange robotic voice and errors in both image and sound, there is a good chance that you are wasting valuable time for both you and your counterpart. Clear communication is a must if you want to be more effective.

Technological solutions improve the working environment and efficiency


When it comes to assessing whether or not AV equipment should be seen as a saving, it may also be a good idea to look at the benefits. As previously mentioned, there are increasing demands on corporate communications. This applies both internally and externally, which is why the technical aspects must be well managed. Digital equipment gives you and your company the right tools to streamline and optimize both communication and thereby also the efficiency in the workplace.

Most importantly, AV equipment will help optimize business meetings. Whether in one of the company's teams or whether in a meeting with an international partner, the right equipment can help make the presentation and meeting perfect. Interactive displays allow you to highlight specific points and messages, and this is made easy and intuitive by a touch of your finger. In addition, interactive screens usually have a lot of other helpful functions from which you that can benefit at a meeting. This is the case, in particular, for meetings in which the speaker needs to hold the audience's interest. If the speaker fails to accomplish this, you can be sure that the attendees will quickly forget the presentation soon after it is over. Imagine a speaker who is incredibly adept at presenting. He or she is in full control of all the information and in getting the message across to the audience. The presentation has good energy, and it never gets boring. But suddenly, your projector is no longer working, and now the speaker has lost the presentation because the equipment was more than 10 years old. From here, the energy level rapidly declines and the participants have almost already forgotten the content. The same situation can also occur with other types of equipment, and we must, therefore, avoid such a situation. If the technology is of high quality, then you can avoid bad situations, and you'll be able to be confident that the equipment will elevate the level of the entire meeting.

We mentioned earlier the possibility of making external communication easier. Video conferencing and other important meetings outside the office are key here. If you do not have the right equipment, then you'll have difficulty having a long-distance meeting. Because what's your alternative? Booking a plane ticket and going to Spain for a chat with your partners or potential investors? Not everyone has the time and resources to do this on a number of occasions, and you can, therefore, benefit from the use of AV equipment. The right technology reduces both travel time and the cost of such meetings. This option also allows for faster decision-making, and you do not even have to compromise on personal presence. You don’t need anything more than a good screen with razor-sharp imaging and a clear sound system. Then you'll be able to communicate with your meeting participants in the best possible way, without having to spend money on airline tickets, taxis, hotel accommodations and meals for several days.

Aside from the meeting room, AV equipment is also excellent for making other processes more efficient and for improving communication between different departments. Videoconferencing makes information manageable and easier to disseminate. Information on internal events and processes can be set up on a digital information screen, giving employees the opportunity to gain important knowledge on their own. Everyone suddenly has more time for other tasks, and this also creates a better atmosphere. Studies show the less time wasted, the happier employees are. The company also becomes more efficient, and this benefits everyone. Efficiency is often a positive trend, and it should also be a major priority for many companies to try to streamline the many internal processes.

The last point is that all of the above types of equipment require managing. And what is the best way to do this? Today, you can get control panels that multi-function for several kinds of equipment in one package. These control panels help optimize the meeting or conference because they enable remote access to AV equipment from one panel. You save time and can quickly move on to the next item on the agenda. Danish Neets delivers this type of panel, which is mounted with the help of one of the many worldwide distributors.


Audiovisual equipment in the company: Cost or saving?


Ultimately, this article is about AV equipment. Is it a cost, or is it a saving? As with everything else, this is, of course, a question of finding the right solution for your particular needs. And if you can do this with AV equipment, which should be easy because of the wide range of options, then you can be absolutely certain that the equipment is a saving. There are far more benefits to properly used AV equipment than there are costs. Yes, it can seem like a big investment, especially if you have a very small business. However, the larger the company becomes, the more demanding the requirements for your communication become, and this can be handled professionally with AV equipment. AV equipment can also be helpful in streamlining processes, which ultimately gives your employees more time for other tasks. This will also result in higher job satisfaction because employees won't feel they're wasting time with meaningless and dull processes and tasks.

Last but not least, it should of course also be mentioned that AV equipment gives you a higher degree of professionalism, which can be of great benefit. This is particularly important if you are conducting a video conference. In this respect, it is important that you and your participants can see and hear each other clearly. You'll have a good presence at the meeting, without being physically present. This also saves your company a lot of extraneous costs such as plane tickets, taxis, hotels and meals. Instead, you can spend your resources and your time on other things. And ultimately, that's what it is all about. Having more time.

Because time is money.