Neets MiniConnect

No more cable clutter

An organized and tidy table top. Always.

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Modern & Minimalistic look. Designed to fit anywhere.
Flexible solution. Easy installation.

✔ Modern & Minimalistic look 

The Neets MiniConnect has a clean and timeless look that works well with modern and traditional interiors. Inspired by principles of Danish design.  

✔ Designed to fit anywhere 

The Neets MiniConnect’s small size means that it’s an ideal solution for any type of table. Install it huddle rooms or larger meeting rooms. 

✔ Flexible solution

The Neets MiniConnect has no pre-specified cables, meaning you can use it any type of equipment   

✔ Easy installation

The only tool you need to install the Neets MiniConnect is a drill. Everything else is included in the box. 

Neets MiniConnect

Your easy-to-install solution to cable clutter


✔ Modern & Minimalistic look that fits any interior

✔ Designed to fit on tables of any size and type

✔ Flexible solution - choose your own cables

✔ Easy installation with minimum tools required


Neets MiniConnect

How it works

Watch this short video to see how the Neets MiniConnect is installed



Installation guide

The installation guide gives you a 'What's in the box' overview and step-by-step instructions on how to install the Neets MiniConnect


Mockup af installation guide



Q: How many cables can I pass through the Neets MiniConnect?

A: The Neets MiniConnect has space for up to 3 cables.


Q: Are the cables to connect my devices included in the box?

A: No, there are no cables included with the Neets MiniConnect, giving you the flexibility to connect any device, with any cable you desire.


Q: What type of cables can I use?

A: There are no limits on what type of cables you can use: USB, HDMI, VGA, PS 2, Ethernet, power cables, audio cables and anything else you might need!


Q: Does the Neets MiniConnect come in black or white?

A: No, unfortunately, the MiniConnect is only available in the classic silver colour.


Q: How do I hide the cables under the table?

A: The Neets Cable Bag is included in the box. It can be installed under the table to gather all the cables neatly and hide them from view.



Get more information about the Neets MiniConnect on Neets' tech support portal

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Technical Specifications

Physical dimensions:
H: 140 mm
W: 165 mm
D: 165 mm 

Internal dimensions: 
W: 83 mm
D: 42 mm

Product: 225 g
Shipping: 410 g


Table surface:
Mounting depth max.: 50 mm 



Recommended cable dimensions:
Max.: 6 mm

Recommended cable housing:
No less than 10 mm