Making memorable meetings

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Collabo by Neets

Collabo is a video conferencing hub that helps you get your online meetings off to a flying start!

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neets miniconnect with mac for a tidy table-top

Mini Connect

Easy-to-install Scandinavian designed tabletop solution to help you keep remove cable clutter in your meeting room.
Can be mounted in any table and even includes a cable bag to hide all the cables under the table.

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Remote control


Remote controls have an annoying habit of not working properly, or even worse, disappearing altogether! We investigate what remote controls are actually good for in our mini video series.

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Neets dog

Control the uncontrollable

Do you feel like the equipment in your meeting room dictates what you can and can't do? You're not alone! 

Learn how Neets can help you take back control of your meeting room

What is AV control

and why do you need it

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Our mission

Making life easy for presenters!

At Neets, we don’t just want to create smart, intuitive and
easy-to-install AV control systems that make it easy to start up
presentations in meeting and classrooms worldwide.
We want to INNOVATE.


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